Idea Michele is a singer / songwriter with a unique R&B and Hip-Hop mash-up. She was born Idea Evans on May 26, 1990 in Baltimore, MD, with a short life in Suffolk, VA. After the passing of her mother, at age 6 she moved to, and was raised in, the small community of St. Mary's County, MD. From her early childhood years, Idea’s infatuation with music has always existed. Singing in music class and joining choir as early as schools allowed, set the stage for Idea's debut as a musician. She started writing poetry in her grade school years which, by age 12, evolved into songwriting.

            Platforms such as school choir and talent shows provided Idea the foundation of her knowledge and experience in the musical arts, theory and performance. In 2011, Idea was introduced to studio recording. Since then she has been polishing her skills by writing and releasing original works and performing up and down the east coast. On the hunt for new production, in 2013, the universe led Idea to producer BigMattBeatz and together they have built a new sound. Idea is finding her way to her true audience, who she calls Idealists, with her unique mix of R&B, Rap, sing-song ad libs and harmonies, over hard hitting drums, melodic sounds and ambient mixes. With her art, Idea aims to encourage love, heal through music and help Idealists find their personal freedom.